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​Aussie puppies Tucson
Aussie Puppies Buckeye
Aussies puppies AZ
Aussie puppies Queen Creek
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Why a Aussie you ask? Well, they are just the best all around dog for my ranch. My husband and I first fell in love with the breed when we lived on our hobby farm in California in the 1970's. I had seen a blue merle somewhere and told him that is the dog I wanted. We traveled out to a farm in Creston and there we met our first dog and we promptly named her Lady after another dog who had been in the family. As we were leaving with our prize, we saw her dad jump from a two-story barn down to a pile of hay below. We knew we were in for a dog who wanted to be with us. Our little Lady was sold without papers(big mistake). Wish we had known who were in her lines. She just did the job of herding the farm animals we had. When we became city folks and again back to the ranch, this time in Arizona, we just knew we had to have a Aussie!
Member of: 

Arizona Herding Club

(Paso Del Norte Australian Shepherd Association)

Narita Farms Aussies is a ASCA  
approved official kennel.
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